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Safety Door

Safety Door

Keeping the house safe is of prime concern for any home dweller. Installing an additional door at the entrance is critical for protection against weather, intruders as well as pests.


Not only does the front part add to the aesthetic, but it also impacts the overall beauty of your home. Nevertheless, the most vital function of a door is to ensure it is strong enough to withstand natural elements and sturdy enough to keep potential thieves out. Picking an apt material for your entry door ensures home security, smoother operation, minimal upkeep, and durability. Front doors are constructed using many different materials, but here we will be accounting the three most popular types: wood, aluminium and steel.


Wood is the most used material for the construction of doors and an extremely popular choice for its timeless elegance and beauty. Wood is sturdy, bendable, robust, adaptable, and resistant to wear and damage. Again, wooden doors are easily customisable. Concerning security, wood types like teak and oak provide additional protection. Wood is the most popular choice, especially for use in the entrance. Wood adds style to a home’s front. Again, it is soundproof, durable, and provides security & insulation. Woods of different types like plywood, bamboo wood, solid mahogany wood, satinwood, rosewood, mulberry wood, deodar teak wood, and oak wood can be used for your safety door design. Use polishing products like Showcase Exterior from Pidilite for better gloss and gloss retention in your entrance door wood finish.


Aluminium is an extremely light, highly heat-resistant, highly customisable, and durable material. Also, aluminium doors are easy to install as they can be moulded into any shape. Solid aluminium doors provide enhanced security over their wooden counterparts.